Roborovski Dwarf Hamster: Hybrids

Winter White/Robo Dwarf Hamster Hybrids

Of the five species of hamsters usually kept as pets, only the Winter White and Robo Dwarfs are able to interbreed and produce live offspring (hybrids). Hybrids are most often unknowingly produced through incorrect identification of the two similar species of hamsters, such as mislabeling at a pet store.

Unfortunately, the number of hybrids is increasing, leading to a rise in health problems (such as the emergence of diabetes in the Winter White and glaucoma in the Robo Dwarf Hamster) and a decrease of pure species in captivity. Breeding of hybrids is discouraged, and the amount of accidental hybrid breeding and its repercussions underscores the cautions of casual breeding already expressed above.

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